Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bali Bliss!


Photos:The Luxe Nomad

Bali,Indonesia is one of those places you dream of visiting and experiencing at least once in your life. This magical paradise has been on my list of places to travel for quite some time and after viewing photos of some of the remarkable villas there, thanks to The Luxe Nomad, I need to make this happen sooner than later. As an NYC-based blogger and Times Square resident, you can imagine it's not easy finding tranquility and peace in such a busy city! From doing yoga in the middle of Times Square for the big summer solstice event to going for a relaxing jog through Central Park, nothing seems to provide me with that sense of calm that a place like Bali would seem to provide. Although I love my city, I'm always seeking contrast and a way to balance out my busy lifestyle with a more serene atmosphere.
Travel has given me a way to discover that sense of serenity and escape the hustle and bustle of New York City. With its beautiful villa pools and blissful atmosphere, Bali is the ideal dream travel destination that I've longed to experience. Whether it's my romantic honeymoon destination or even just a weekend getaway, Bali is at the top of my list for 2015! There are so many luxurious options like The Bale, the Santai Umalas, and the Chandra luxury villas, to satisfy everyone's taste when choosing their place to stay during their visit! Bali seems like it could give us all a taste of how we were truly meant to live and these mesmerizing villas are something I hope to experience firsthand very soon!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

MAKE x Birchbox Breakfast Event!

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Obsessed is an understatement when describing how I feel about MAKE! I was introduced to the brand at the Birchbox breakfast event held at the Birchbox store in Soho and learned all about the NYC-based brand. This beauty brand is so modern from the colors to the packaging and really takes it to a whole new level when it comes to makeup and art! Each season MAKE will collaborate with two makeup artists to create a collection and one-third of sales will be donated to the We See Beauty Foundation which funds next generation businesses in America. The colors are so vibrant and I cant get over how innovative and original the packaging is compared to so many other makeup brands currently on the market! My fave product from my bag of goodies would have to be the Bronze Molten Shadow. It is so vibrant, creamy, and pigmented and is perfect for a holiday makeup look or a night out! Make sure to head to Birchbox and We See Beauty to purchase these awesome products to enhance your beauty this holiday season! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to see a makeup look I created with my MAKE products!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Birchbox X Benefit Birchbloggers Beauty Bash!


Birchbox and Benefit cosmetics teamed up to send my sister Jaz and I some of their amazing makeup products and party favors to host our own Beauty Bash! We were super excited to host this little shindig and we decided to turn it into a big Birchbloggers event and invited some of our favorite Birchblogger gals! Jaz and I are both Birchbloggers so it was fun to catch up with the ladies we've met through other Birchbox events to talk beauty, fashion, and of course blogging. The weather here in NY happened to be just perfect for an outdoor fiesta so we held it on my rooftop sundeck in Midtown Manhattan. We popped open the champagne, ordered some pizza, and indulged heavily on sweets so it was pretty much the perfect outdoor brunch scene. We had way too much fun and I'm so grateful to both Birchbox X Benefit Cosmetics for making this happen! By the way, the Benefit Push Up Liner is my favorite eyeliner EVER! I will be doing a review on all of my new Benefit products soon so keep an eye out for that! Follow me on Instagram for more photos of the Beauty Bash! Happy Monday and have a great week! XO

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Solstice in Times Square: Athleta Mind Over Madness Yoga


I started off the first day of summer with a yoga session in the middle of Times Square! Every year Times Square and performance apparel brand Athleta join to celebrate the summer solstice with a day of yoga classes in Times Square. Not only do they provide free yoga classes all day, they also give away so many goodies like yoga mats, coconut water, snack bars, and magazines! This is my second time attending and I must say, although it takes place in one of the busiest locations in the world, it is one of the most peaceful, relaxing, and rejuvenating experiences! I feel empowered, blessed, and grateful to live in such an amazing city and the opportunity to soak in the incredible energy of the city while doing yoga is pretty awesome! It was the perfect way to welcome in the summer season and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Liz Earle Birchbloggers Breakfast!

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I was able to attend another Birchbloggers breakfast recently and I learned all about beauty brand Liz Earle! Each blogger went home with three full skincare products and I must say I am completely in love with these products! They have done wonders for my skin and my skin is softer than ever. All winter long I've been on the hunt for something that won't dry out my skin and the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is what I've been searching for. It's so different from any cleanser I've tried and I finally have a radiant glow after this harsh New York winter. Each product contains natural ingredients like eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, and cocoa butter that refresh and rejuvenate the skin and I am so excited to continue seeing great results as I continue using these products! You can pick up each of these products and more on Birchbox!

Miss Jessie's Birchbloggers Event!


I've always wanted to give Miss Jessie's hair products a try so I was beyond excited when I was invited by Birchbox to attend the Miss Jessie's Birchbloggers event at their hair salon in Soho. I met founder Miko Branch and she gave hair demos on four different girls with different textures of curly hair. I have curly hair myself so it was great to learn so many new and different techniques of how to style it. Not only did I learn all of these tips and tricks, I also got to go home with three of the newest Miss Jessie's natural hair care products from the line. I finally gave them a try and my favorite is definitely Transitioner's Magic! It's great for those of us who have chemically treated hair or girls who do a lot straightening which causes the hair to not always curl as it naturally would due to heat styling! I love these products and I'm excited to start letting my natural curls run wild!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

W3ll People BirchBloggers Breakfast!

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I've slowly been transitioning into the world of all natural and organic products! I've started with skincare and now I'm moving into makeup thanks to W3ll People. I learned about the makeup brand when I attended the BirchBloggers breakfast about a month ago. Shirley Pinkson introduced us to the brand and told us everything we wanted to know and more about what makes W3ll People truly different from other makeup brands. We not only went home with some of these amazing products but we were even able to get our makeup done afterwards! I must say I am truly impressed with W3ll People makeup and I love that I can now apply makeup that I know can enhance my beauty without chemicals or other harsh ingredients! I'm so happy I was able to attend this breakfast and meet inspirational women who care enough to make products that are safe and effective at the same time. You can purchase W3ll People products on W3ll People or on Birchbox!